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The Spammers Calling

Very recently Indian government has started an initiative towards personal identification, which is called Aadhar Card. Every citizen of India needs to have an Aadhar...

Scammed card details

My dumb experience is that I got a message from one of my friends. I had only just woken up in the morning and it...

We are all digital natives with more than 50% of our time spent on the Internet transacting data, doing deals and exchanging information. We believe we know the Internet, we are street smart and savvy enough to not get trolled or duped. And yet there are people among us who have funny or sad or downright dumb experiences that makes the rest of us wince knowing fully well that we could have easily done that ourselves.

The Goondus’ Awards celebrates all that is dumb, silly; all of the faux pas that only the brave souls dare to admit. We celebrate it to learn from it and share our experiences so that others may prosper and grow. We celebrate it to ensure a safer internet and a kinder web for all who live a digital existence.

So come celebrate with us. Read and vote for your favourite internet Goondus and submit your own stories and missteps. Enjoy!


The meaning of the word

It is a Singlish word derived from the Tamil language to indirectly suggest that a person is dim-witted/senseless.

About the Goondus Awards

What we represent

Here, we are the naivety of human nature on the use of Internet and its affordances.

People who simply go about their daily tasks, being unaware or simply ignorant of the threats that lurk around us, eventually landing them in heaps of trouble, either monetary or mentally.

This is a Kaspersky Lab initiative to educate and raise cyber awareness amongst the community and also highlight ways and tips on having a positive online experience.

These awards serve as a reminder to us that no one is fully safe and that we would always need to go the extra mile and build that layer of defence to protect ourselves, in the online space.

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